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Ladybug Tattoo Meanings: Pictures And Popular Style Ideas

Why are ladybug tattoos so popular? This is a subject that is debatable. Some say it is because the ladybug possesses a perfect visual balance of beauty and cuteness, while others say the ladybug is a symbol of love and compassion. Still others say it is a symbol of good fortune and luck.

Whatever the true meaning behind the reason for getting a ladybug tattoo, they are an awfully appealing creature - almost everyone agrees on this.

Ladybug Tattoo Meanings And Ideas
The meaning may have something to do with the ladybug's demeanor when they are disturbed. They can actually bite, although most people do not realize this, they also release a small amount of their own blood when angry. The blood is a yellow-orange color and it can stain. Therefore, the ladybug may be chosen because it is cute, but can be quite unladylike when provoked.

Ladybug tattoos are colorful and the designs are often quite realistic. Usually offering a feminine look, but we're also beginning to see an increase in the amount of tribal designs as well. They can range from a single bug to a chain of ladies. They are often part of a design that includes flowers and other elements of nature.

Choosing A Location For The Design
The ladybug tattoo is a choice that women make often because they are small, easily concealable, and can be placed practically anywhere on the body. The feet are one of the places ladybug tattoos are most often requested. The arm or hand is another spot for the ladybug tattoo and some people have even had them tattooed on their face.

More Ladybug Tattoo Meanings And History
The ladybug meaning is largely dependent on the insect itself. They are, as previously mentioned a sign of good luck. Killing a ladybug is widely regarded as bad luck. The number of spots on the insects back is supposed to tell you how many years of good fortune to expect.

All of these aspects are taken into consideration when choosing a tattoo of a ladybug. The beliefs associated with this critter are often the decision maker for getting this type of artwork. The red color is linked to vitality, passion, love, energy and heat. Other subjects related to a ladybug tattoo include friendship, luck, happiness, protection and good deeds.

An old belief that is associated with this insect is that if a person is ill and a ladybug lands on them, it will take the illness from the person. This is one reason the ladybug is considered to be a sign of continued good health and vitality.

Blending With Other Tattoo Designs
One reason for choosing a ladybug design is the way they compliment other types of tattoos. For example, they look great with floral designs as well as butterflies and other nature related concepts.

There are not many insects that can claim to be this adorably cute, while maintaining such a high level of enchanting beautiful. The ladybug is often enhanced for tattoo purposes such as adding features like bows or larger eyes. We've also seen some rather creative artwork where the black dots on the body of the ladybug have been turned into hearts or stars.

Horse Tattoo Meanings: Ideas And Pictures For Girls And Guys

Horse tattoos are a little out of the ordinary, or at least they are not quite as common as many other popular design choices, but mankind's passion for these beautiful creatures has been in existence for a very long time. Early man drew pictures of horses on the walls of caves.

There were certain tribes in ancient times that worshiped horses. The horse has been man's companion for thousands of years. In Greek mythology, Pegasus, the winged horse is known for the magical powers he possesses as well as being immortal.

Horse Tattoo Meanings
The meaning associated with horse tattoos today likely has a lot to do with the companionship they have provided to mankind over the years. Warriors of old believed the horse was their most faithful companion and would not go into battle without them. The horse is a majestic animal and can recognize their owners in addition to returning the love they receive from them.

Horse tattoos can be a symbol of faithfulness, strength and beauty. Noblemen used to keep horses in stables where they were well taken care of and bred for sports and for transportation. Owning several horses was considered to be a sign of wealth.

Passion For The Racehorse
The racehorse is another reason for horse tattoos. There are several in the world of racing today that are considered legends. Winning the prestigious races such as the Kentucky Derby assures the horse of a lifetime of ease when they are too old to race. The owners of these racehorses will sometimes get tattoos that are symbolic of their horse.

Horse Tattoo Symbolism
Often a horse tattoo will be a symbol of strength such as one carrying a warrior into battle. Celtic horses are popular choices for tattoos. Rodeo riders often choose the horse tattoo because this is their life. They love the horses and are more comfortable on a horse than anywhere.

As you can see, the basic meaning of a horse tattoo is strength and courage in recognition for carrying man and providing companionship over several thousand years.

The horse is also credited as being one of the largest providers when it came to improving civilization. They have contributed in so many ways that they are viewed as one of the most noble animals on earth.

Native Americans recognize the horse as a messenger. Believing that they relayed spiritual knowledge to humans and thereby provided wisdom, the horse is immensely popular as a tribal tattoo.

The belief held by the Native Americans was that the horse was a wild and powerful spirit but when mutual respect between man and horse was achieved, this power could be harnessed. These are just a few of the reasons the horse tattoo has become so popular.

Women Often Adore Horse Tattoos
The horse tattoo for women is a symbol of stamina, strength, stability and often chosen for the special bond they have created with horses. The preferred horse tattoo for most women is the stallion. This is due to the untamed beauty that is symbolized by the stallion.

Also, in many cases there is a strong bond between girls and horses at a very young age, as many girls wish for a pony during their adolescent years.

Tattoo Style Ideas
The typical drawings for these designs show the animal in motion, with their manes flowing as if the wind were at their back. The tattoo can be of a personal favorite horse, a favorite breed or one that simply catches the eye of the individual.

Larger designs are typically located on the back or the torso area of the individual, while the arms and shoulder area is always a popular area for these gorgeous animals to be inked.

Heart Tattoo Meanings And Pictures

Heart tattoos are popular because they are a symbol of love. It has been considered such for a long time and will likely continue to be associated with this very powerful emotion. Love is a subject that stirs very deep emotions and the heart is directly connected to these emotions.

History Of The Heart Tattoo
Credited with being the first group recognized as wearing the heart as a tattoo design were sailors. The meaning behind the tattoo was to show their love for the ones they left behind while at sea. Often a small piece of artwork to symbolize their everlasting remembrance and admiration for braveness.

Heart Tattoos Have Many Meanings And Varied Designs
The heart tattoo has changed somewhat since the early days of body art, but the meaning is still very much the same. They are worn by both men and women. The heart can be large, small or medium in size and are often incorporated with and alongside other designs.

Angels and other spiritual designs are often associated with heart tattoos. They can be neatly etched, loaded with color or can resemble a cartoon animation. The design is easily customized, resulting in a very versatile tattoo that can easily blend with pretty much any style of design.

The meaning of the heart is different depending on the person. The classic red depiction is usually associated with love. Adding a name is a popular theme for the heart tattoo. Including flowers means both love and a passionate situation or setting. The combination of a rose and a heart is another very strong symbol of love.

Heartbreak And Happiness
If the heart tattoo is joined by swords, daggers or knives, this is a sign of betrayal by a loved one or a lost love. The tattoo depicting a dagger or knife in the heart means that someone that you loved hurt you as in piercing your heart. Winged hearts mean the wearer of the tattoo is happy and lighthearted.

So many subjects can be combined with the heart that it is hard to keep up with the meaning of all of them. One of the most popular tattoos for couples that are apart often such as in the military, is a half heart. This is a symbol of their love for each other and when they are together, the heart becomes one. If a person has a tattoo of both halves of a broken heart, this is another symbol of being hurt or suffering a broken heart as the result of a loved ones actions.

Hearts Dedicated To Mothers
One particular heart design that is worn by many and has become almost a nationwide symbol of the love felt for mothers is a 'Mom heart.' This is worn by countless sons and daughters around the world, even including villainous prison inmates and gang members who sometimes sport this popular artwork. Basically, anyone who wants to let the world know their mom is the person that will always have their heart.

Names And Initials
On the other hand, if you choose a heart tattoo and put the name or initials of your girlfriend inside the heart, you are proclaiming your unwavering love to this individual, but many have regretted this choice. A heart with keys inside means your heart is locked in a permanent relationship.

There are countless heart designs and subjects for those who want this type of tattoo. They are popular because they can be worn practically anywhere on the body. From a tiny heart that no one knows is there, to a large masterpiece that proclaims your love to the world, the heart tattoo has been a symbol of one kind of love or another for many years, and plenty more to come.

Hawaiian Tattoo Meanings And Pictures

Hawaiian tattoos are an old custom that has existed for centuries among those native to Hawaii. They often covered the entire body of the native islander, and even to this day many natives practice the old tradition of praying to the tattoo god each time a member of the village receives a tattoo design.

Hawaiian tattoos have a meaning; they are not just gotten for the sake of getting one. They are usually in memory of a family member who has passed, for distinguishing a particular group, or for keeping evil spirits at bay.

Hawaiian Tattoos - More Than Just A Fad

This is a time-honored tradition in Hawaii and the subject of the tattoos plays an important role as well. They range from an ordinary stick figure to extensive scenes of beaches. Hawaiian flowers, ocean life or full body tattoos that take a great amount of time to complete. The meaning of the tattoos vary greatly and in the past was different even among the other various islands.

Hawaiian tattoo designs are normally larger and more colorful than others. When Hawaii was home to tribes, tattoos were used to show the different statuses as well as to commemorate important stages of life.

Painful Traditional Tattoo Method

The way of getting tattoos using the traditional Hawaiian method is not a pleasant experience. The use of a bone chisel that has been sharpened is required. It is used to tap a sharp stick into the skin until it begins to bleed. Then the ink is rubbed into the affected area. Often the design of the tattoo that was tapped into the skin was a voyage which was considered courageous.

Members of Hawaiian royalty in days gone by showed their importance by the number of tattoos they had. The higher you were ranked in the village, the greater the number of tattoos. Today Hawaiian body artwork still has great meaning. They are based on the tribe from which the Hawaiian descended and they often use aspects of the islands to add beauty.

Popular Hawaiian Tattoo Design Ideas For Women And Men

Hawaiian flowers are popular with women and men. A wave, a waterfall or anything that relates to the beauty of the tropical surroundings can be used. The tattoos are usually seen around the ankle on women or perhaps on the hip or wrist area. They may start on the back and circle around to the stomach or down the leg.

Men often have the tattoos on their chest, and birds are a popular design choice. Lizards are another as Hawaiians respect these creatures. Dolphins, sea turtles and other water related tattoos are often chosen. Hawaiians would also have tattoos on their face, typically on the cheekbones or the forehead. The meanings of these tattoos are typically more personal.

When flowers are chosen for a Hawaiian design, they have a unique meaning for each one. Since native Hawaiian orchids are becoming extinct and are on the endangered list, choosing this flower is often associated with love that is at risk or a beauty that is not often seen. Hawaiian tattoos can be based on a number of beautiful features, but the ones most often chosen are usually flowers or a combination of flowers and other aspects of the island habitat.

Guitar Tattoo Meanings And Pictures

Musical instruments are usually chosen as tattoos for the special meaning they have for the person playing the instrument. The two most popular are the drums and the guitar. Many of the designs are made to resemble an etching of the musical instrument chosen. The majority of people who choose this symbol are either songwriters, professional players, in a band or are particularly lovers of guitar music.

Meanings of Guitar Tattoos Are Often The Love of Music

In the world of rock music, a guitar in flames is one that is chosen by many. When girls choose this particular tattoo, it is often drawn with symbols depicting a certain person who plays this instrument. The additional designs that are added often have as much meaning as the guitar itself. Guitar tattoos chosen by girls are often more unique than the ones chosen by men.

There are two general types of guitars, thus tattoos depict one or the other, but the electric guitar is the most popular. As you may know, the acoustic guitar and the electric guitar sound entirely different. The electric guitar is used most often by rock bands and the acoustic guitar is used by country and western, folk and even some classical musicians.

As a symbol of the love of music, guitar tattoos are also commonly chosen by those who do not play the instrument, but simply love to listen to guitar music. They can also be chosen in memory of a musician who played the guitar but has passed away. There are many people that still mourn the death of Elvis Presley and a tattoo depicting him and his famous guitar is a sign of a true fan.

The history of the guitar spans nearly three thousand years. Before the presence of books, this was often a way of telling stories. The storytellers would travel from place to place with their guitar to sing the songs that told of history, traditions, customs and a way of life that was different from those who were being entertained.

The style of the guitar tattoo will often vary as much as the actual meaning to the recipient. This is a type of design that has various meanings and the decision to get a guitar tattoo is often thought about for a long time before acting upon it.

There are a variety of subjects that are often chosen to embellish the guitar tattoo. They are often designed to feature skulls, flames, dice, hearts, classic American cars and many other items that are part of the meaning for the person who is getting the tattoo.

What Are Some of The Most Popular Guitar Tattoos?

They will vary by the sex of the person choosing them. Girls typically like guitars with the following: Roses, musical notes, hearts, colored guitars, cartoon animals playing the instrument.

The tattoo is much more varied when it is chosen by males. They often choose: Skeletons, skull and crossbones, girls alongside or riding guitars, sometimes entwined with snakes or other beastly creatures. Other popular choices for both men and women include singing birds, cherries, and four-leaf clovers.